EMX Portal Project

EMX Portal Project


machine.exchange is working to aggregate and assimilate the heavy industrials + machine + automation market into an online exchange for products and services.
emerson.machine.exchange portal is a closed resource built to establish an intelligence foundation for future Emerson projects and research.
MGStrategy+ is the lead consulting partner for machine.exchange portal development projects.


Start Date: September 20 2018
Project Assignments and Requirements: September 24-28 2018
Project Planning and Data Aggregation: October 01-06
Project Execution: Report + User Groups: October 01-06 + October 08-13
Project Execution: Technical Library + Content Landscape: October 01-06 + October 08-16
Project Portal: October 01-06 + October 15-19
Project Content Channels: October 01-26
Project Portal Alerts Customization Functions: October 19-20
Project Review: October 29
Project Completion: October 31


Table of Channels
Digital Content Channels Developed:
46 channels of research content related to research projects- October 16 2018
Updated to 59 channels of research content related to research projects- October 25 2018
Cybersecurity + Industrial + Automation Channels: PLANNED: October 25-26


Research Library
Technical Library
49 reports related to research projects – October 16 2018
Cybersecurity + Industrial + Automation Content: PLANNED: October 22-26


User Teams
Project Lead AG-MGS+ / DG-MGS+
EMX Projects Workgroup – projects@emerson.machine.exchange
EMX Support Workgroup – support@emerson.machine.exchange


Working Group Briefings Home
EMX Intelligence Work Group
EMX Security Work Group
EMX Projects Work Group
EMX Work Group Reports


Cloud Presentations
Projects Workgroup – Emerson Machine Exchange
email: projects@emerson.machine.exchange
password: gm2!lGooGl3Dr*&V




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