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ABB Ability System 800xA and ABB Ability Symphony® Plus

Industries, such as oil and gas, chemicals, power, pharmaceuticals, steel, water, mining, food and beverage, are moving towards digital operating environments to improve performance, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. ABB recently launched its Ability platform, which provides unified, cross-industry digital capability—extending from device to edge to cloud—across devices, systems, solutions, and services. Unlike competing solutions, ABB also added self-learning capabilities to its solution that allows the system to harvest data, take control, and facilitate users to do more with less.


ABB Ability System 800xA and ABB Ability Symphony® Plus — Both industry-leading DCS solutions support customers by driving gains in performance, productivity, efficiency, and safety throughout the end user business operations lifecycle, from the planning stage to the lifecycle OPEX stage. Symphony Plus is tailored to the power generation and water industries, whereas System 800xA caters across all other industries.
ABB Ability Collaborative Operations — Customers connect instantaneously to a subject-matter expert from ABB for timely help and assistance 24/7. Problems are solved before they become failures by utilizing data insights and advanced analytics, and through remote collaboration that enables real-time customer interaction.
ABB Value Provider Program (VPP) — This one-of-a-kind program develops ABB’s third-party channels, including distributors, system integrators, panel builders, and service providers. With the help of this program and a wide net of third-party providers in addition to its internal sales organization, ABB ensures close proximity to its end users to reduce the response time to its clients’ sales, support, service, and engineering needs.


Operational excellence, safety
• The main features of 800xA V6 are categorized into four areas: operational excellence, safety integration, process automation and electrical integration, and enterprise asset management (EAM). The latest information security enhancement marks a key focus of safety integration, and the improvement of plant-wide collaborative automation registers the most remarkable highlight of operational excellence. More specifically, the collaborative automation platform of the 800xA system ensures highly efficient collaborations between different departments and equipment in a plant.
Integrated alarm management, controls, video, safety
• Integration covers alarm management, advanced control, video systems, safety, electrical integration, power management, and a host of embedded capabilities of other subsystems.
• As to EAM, System 800xA v6 applies to the full range of ABB automation products and can integrate with all automation products and systems from other manufacturers, especially those products that are no longer supported due to an operating system upgrade. In addition, a newly added long-term historical data archiving function improves the control system’s data collection speed and real-time data access function. The new information management platform can support a heterogeneous system, information analyses, and continuous improvement of the system.
• The 800xA V6 also provides an ergonomic operator workplace and efficient operator control room, and the intelligent installation and upgrade tools simplify the upgrade and transfer of old systems. Furthermore, “Customer Lab,” the virtual environment test function for upgraded systems, helps customers to lower the labor cost of upgrade test and verification. In addition, the selectable wireless router function provided by the 800xA Tropos Wireless mesh routers enables a new wireless communication platform for mobile operator clients, maintenance workplaces, and even process controllers, thus improving the flexibility and mobility of business processes.




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